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Last year's Defending Champion
& this year's Repeat Champion:

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Current Teams:
Joe Hutchison
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Pulpman David Van De Wiele
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MidSouth Africans Brandon McInturff
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TennesseeToeStompers Robbie Wheeler
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ghetto superstars Rusty Wheeler
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Shanghai Cutthroats Edward Quamman
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Shane's Playboys Shane Blalock
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Season Review:
...This season was a tight 5-man race the entire season. The Africans had one incredible week 7 (17491) and never gave it back (read more near bottom of page).  But even so Pulpman made a run coming within 39 points of first place at one point in week 12, but hit a bump, more like a brick wall, when his gamble on Cleavland's defense blew up in his face against Detroit 39-33, hurling him backwards. He never really recovered and the Africans weren't challenged again.
...Oudin spent most of the season in second place but fell to third when ghetto popped out a 16547 week in week 14. It wasn't until week 17 that Oudin was able to retake second place with a 4k advantage in the final week.
...The ToeStompers, after a very average start, turned tiger the last 10 plus weeks of the year, but never had that break out week to catch the league leaders. Until the final week when he outscored Pulp by 4k to slip into 4th place and send Pulpman to an unprecedented 5th place finish. From almost first to fifth in the final 5 weeks without a major slide or collapse. Such is the competition here.
...In that final week 3rd and 2nd place switched hands, as did 4th and 5th. But that's nothing new in this league. Positions shifted and playoff spots and championships were won and lost on the final week last year as well. Look up that season to read more.
...It was also an unusual year for me, Oudin, as well. Returning to the playoffs after a rare season in which I lost a championship and 2 separate playoff spots in an even rarer final week collapse, I finished last in the playoffs for the first time ever, breaking a trend of finishing no worse than 2nd in 7 of the league's first 8 seasons. But in the last 4 years I've missed the playoffs twice, and have one lone 2nd place finish during that time. And yet I drafted and played as well as I've ever played since possibly the first season when the competition was admittedly less staunch, and had virtually no "what ifs" to haunt me. I even picked and loaded up on the right team and players for the Super Bowl for the second consecutive time, but never redeemed the rewards that typically come from same. Personally, a rewarding yet terribly frustrating season.
...What does next year hold in store? That's the $64,000 question. Will the Africans do what has never been done before even though three have tried, and win that 3rd consecutive championship? It's even mathematically possible for him to tie for the overall championship points lead, with second place on that list even more conceivable. Will Oudin finally get back to the top of his own heap and reclaim the overall championship points advantage? Will ghetto finally break loose and get over that "almost" hump that he's been riding for 3 seasons straight? Will ToeStompers pick up where he left off and complete his 3 years climb back to the top? And what about Pulpman? Venture to say a 5th place finish has never happened to him before, here or elsewhere. Is he to be a 5th place team again? Or will he come roaring back and keep his overall championship points advantage? It's gonna be a long off season for four of us. And don't forget about our two newcomers who have both shown great promise but have so far wilted from the sausage grinder competition in this league known as the GridIron Gurus Fantasy Football League.

Final Regular Season Standings

Top Weeks:
Manager Week Points
010 Mid South Africans (8) 7 17491
020 ghetto superstars (5) 14 16547
030 ghetto superstars 6 15013
040 TennesseeToeStompers (6) 17 15005
050 Mid South Africans 15 14509
060 Shanes Playboys (3) 6 13894
070 Mid South Africans 13 13091
080 Oudin's Bloodhounds (7) 17 13046
090 Pulpman (3) 9 12952
100 ghetto superstars 10 12238
110 ghetto superstars 12 11962
120 Pulpman 2 11858
130 Oudin's Bloodhounds 7 11784
140 Mid South Africans 11 11540
150 TennesseeToeStompers 11 11243
160 Oudin's Bloodhounds 16 11212
170 Oudin's Bloodhounds 5 11124
180 Oudin's Bloodhounds 3 11040
190 Oudin's Bloodhounds 10 10947
200 Oudin's Bloodhounds 11 10809

Shanes Playboys 5 10687
Mid South Africans 16 10657
TennesseeToeStompers 14 10649
TennesseeToeStompers 13 10648
Mid South Africans 14 10604
Mid South Africans 6 10529
TennesseeToeStompers 15 10584
Shanghai Polluters (1) 12 10517
Shanes Playboys 9 10390
Mid South Africans 3 10126
Pulpman 8 10080
TennesseeToeStompers 16 10069
ghetto superstars 1 10041

The Playoffs:
Playoff Scoring by Round
  Africans Oudin ghetto
Wildcard 1630 798 1209
Divisional 2172 1476 1795
Conference 2340 1068 1288
Super Bowl 917 1451 748
Total Points 7059 4793 5040

New Simplified Playoff Scoring Module
For the playoffs a new simplified scoring module has been implemented. This will make keeping up with your scores and your opponent's scores much easier. These changes were made easy due to the exclusion of the Kicker and Defense roster spots. Managers now have six (6) supplemental playoff picks. All TDs score 25 points be they passes, receptions, rushes, or kick returns. 2-point conversions are worth 5 points. One point per every 2 return yards. Fumbles are 50 points: 50 points lost when it leaves a player's hands regardless of who recovers it and whether or not it is a turnover (per NFL settings), and 50 points gained for the recovering of a fumble. So recovering ones own fumble equates to no penalty. Interceptions and lost kick "muffs" also draw a 50 point penalty. Rushes tally two (2) points each with two (2) points per yard. Receptions tally three (3) points per catch and three (3) points per yard. QBs get one (1) point per passing yard with a 100 pt. bonus at the 300 yrd mark. This scoring module should equate to players who do what they should averaging around 300 points and up, with a potential for 400-500 point weeks, barring putting the ball on the ground or turning it over. The lower totals also make the first round byes still sting but more tolerable - per previous years settings. Simplified and charted, the scoring module looks like this:
Any Touchdown (25 points)
Interceptions (-50 points)
Any Fumble (-50 points) [kick "muffs" that result in a turnover is a 50 point penalty]
Fumble Recovery (50 points)
Passing Yards (1 point per yard; with a 100 pt. bonus at the 300 yrd mark)
Rushing Attempts (2 points per attempt)
Rushing Yards (2 points per yard) 
Receptions (3 points per reception)
Reception Yards (3 points per yard)
Return Yards (1 point per 2 yards)
2-Point Conversion (5 points)...Note: Do not tally stats (reception, rushing attempt, yardage, INT, fumble, etc.)

Week # 1 - Wildcard Round
Africans - 1630
Oudin - 798
ghetto - 1209
Peyton Manning - bye Drew Brees - bye Tony Romo - 306
Aaron Rogers - 579 Tom Brady - 4 Phillip Rivers - bye
Larry Fitzgerald - 264 Miles Austin - 292 Reggie Wayne - bye
Jason Witten - 93 Desean Jackson - 80 Dallas Clark - bye
Randy Moss - 159 Anquan Boldin - 0 Greg Jennings - 439
Adrian Peterson - bye Joseph Addai - bye Cedric Benson - 450
Ray Rice - 412 Ryan Grant - 212 Marion Barber - 14
Thomas Jones - 123 Beanie Wells - 210 Pierre Thomas - bye
0 picks used - 6 picks remaining
0 picks used - 6 picks remaining
0 picks used - 6 picks remaining
Tom Brady, Desean Jackson, and Anquan Boldin combine for 84 points, and Odin hangs on? And the Packers overcome
a 31-10 deficit as Rogers nets almost 600 points as the only QB in our playoffs to throw for 300 yards in the first two rounds.
 Prompting the big question: which was the bigger miracle?

Week # 2 - Divisional Round
Africans - 2172
Oudin - 1476
ghetto - 1795
Peyton Manning - 246 Drew Brees - 319 Phillip Rivers - 262
Brett Favre - 334 Kurt Warner - 157 Tony Romo - 50
Jason Witten - 324 Miles Austin - 132 Reggie Wayne - 238
Larry Fitzgerald - 249 Marques Colsten - 292 Dallas Clark - 248
Vincent Jackson - 354 Robert Meachem - 10 Sidney Rice - 516
Adrian Peterson - 238 Joseph Addai - 119 Pierre Thomas - 196
Thomas Jones - 110 Reggie Bush - 366 Marion Barber - 44
Ray Rice - 317 Ladanian Tomlinson - 81 Felix Jones - 241
2 picks used - 4 picks remaining
5 picks used - 1 pick remaining
2 picks used - 4 picks remaining
Meachem, Tomlinson, Romo, Barber all fail to score 100 points? Africans avoid "holes" in the roster,
scoring-wize, to widen lead, but remain in reach. Depleted rosters will make for interesting draft...

Week # 3 - Conference Championship Round
Africans - 2340
Oudin - 1068
ghetto - 1288
Peyton Manning - 554 Drew Brees - 224 Mark Sanchez - 263
Brett Favre - 287 no player selected no player selected
Devery Henderson - 154 Marques Colsten - 72 Reggie Wayne - 174
Visanthe Shiancoe - 261 Robert Meachem - 63 Dallas Clark - 142
Pierre Garcon - 511 Austin Collie - 415 Sidney Rice - 166
Adrian Peterson - 367 Reggie Bush - 110 Pierre Thomas - 340
Thomas Jones - 206 Joseph Addai - 184 Shonn Green - 102
no player selected no player selected Chester Taylor - 101
3 picks used - 1 pick remaining
1 picks used - 0 picks remaining
3 picks used - 1 pick remaining
...It's over. The Africans will successfully defend their championship.
...For the second consecutive playoff appearance the bloodhounds predicted a super bowl participant and loaded up on that team (taking 6 players into the Super Bowl), but just didn't get the points necessary for success. And with the superstars losing all four players they picked up this week, while only nabbing 600 points out of them collectively, his odds at outscoring the Africans by 2000 points while each has only 4 players in the Super Bowl is all but impossible.
...In short, this was the year of the Africans. That one week gained them a 10K lead they never gave back, and it was the winning margin in the regular season. Using it to maintain his roster for the stretch run was a good move, but the byes he was able to eat due to same, and the lost points those byes were supposed to create, simply didn't materialize. That blessed outcome carried over into the post season. They could simply do no wrong. Every call went their way, every decision worked out to the good, every mistake still led to success. Every fumble, every tip, bounced their way. Every card turned over was a face card. And when it wasn't, it was the 4 they needed for the 21 that beat the dealer's 20. They simply led the charmed life. And it was not "a" factor. It was the factor. Did he draft well? Of course he did. Did he manage well? Of course he did. But he did so no better with the knowledge available at each interval than the other top 5 teams in the league. He just drew better results, and was always dealt the card he needed. But others have been dealt all the trump cards and still managed to lose, while the Africans played the draw flawlessly, and played out and won every hand, never giving back the advantage gained - like winners do. Like a champion, he turned every fifth down into a touchdown, every fourth strike into a home run. He'll no doubt disagree, and why shouldn't he? History is written by the victors. And Bugman wrote the book - this year.
...So congratulations to the Africans for defending, and repeating as the Gridiron Gurus Fantasy Football League Champion.

Super Bowl
Africans - 917
Oudin - 1451
ghetto - 748
Peyton Manning - 408 Drew Brees - 343 no player selected
no player selected no player selected no player selected
Pierre Garcon - 238 Austin Collie - 216 Reggie Wayne - 153
Devery Henderson - 198 Marques Colsten - 270 Dallas Clark - 279
Jeremy Shockey - 73 Robert Meachem - 24 David Thomas - 30
no player selected Joseph Addai - 400 Pierre Thomas - 286
no player selected Reggie Bush - 198 no player selected
no player selected no player selected no player selected
Champion declared
MidSouth Africans