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last updated: 2/03/2008

Pulpman Wins 2nd Title in 3 Years
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Current Teams:
Joe Hutchison
David Van De Wiele
MidSouth Africans
Brandon McInturff
TN ToeStompers
Robbie Wheeler
Wheeler's Hitmen
Rusty Wheeler
Seatown Cutthroats
Edward Quamman

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Playoff drafts are tenatively scheduled for Thursday nights at 10:00 PM Central Time.

Final Regular Season League Standings

Tennessee Toestompers repeat as Regular Season Champions
(fade to third place in playoffs)
--looks to become 3rd league member to repeat as overall champ
--doing so would make him 2nd highest active score in
Manager Championship Points Series
Pulpman makes playoffs again
(wins 2nd Championship in 3 Seasons)
--seeks revenge on Toestompers who stopped his bid at repeating last season
--once known as "Silent Storm", now just call him the wire junkie - LOL
Bloodhound returns to playoffs
(finishes 2nd again -  4 championships, 4  2nd places in 8 years)
--after being eeked out last year by the Africans (by 43 points) and missing the playoffs for first time ever
--overcomes massive injuries and 2 horrific Defensive weeks. captures last playoff seed in week 16 and holds on
--looks to reestablish dominance in the Manager Championship Points Series
wheelers hitmen almost make playoffs in first year
-- in 3rd place for most of the season but falters in home stretch (maybe next year)
--separation surgery from brother seems to be going well...both penises still work (we're told)
MidSouth Africans miss playoffs 2 of last 3 years
--can't recover from dissapointing midseason stretch despite typical valiant fight
--already looking to next year. thinks he might fare better in head-to-head parallel version coming next season
Seatown Cutthroats make excellent showing in his first half season
--decent weekly average since joining league. what can he do with a FULL season?

Top 10 Weeks:
Seatown Cutthroats 6720
Bloodhound 6687
TN ToeStompers 6547
Bloodhound 6519
Pulpman 6374
TN ToeStompers 6354
TN ToeStompers 6315
wheelers hitmen 6305
Bloodhound 6231
wheelers hitmen 6172

League History
seasonal point totals noted beside manager's name
there are 11 available points each season excluding outside points
Overall Champion
Regular Season Champion
(point differential)
Also Ran
(scored points)
Joe Hutchison-6
Kate Melon-4
Kate Melon (2970) Josh Summers-1
Tommy Roser-6
Joe Hutchison-4
Joe Hutchison (690) none
Tommy Roser-9
Tommy Roser
Joe Hutchison-1 (22) Brandon McInturff-1
(big league)
Joe Hutchison-6
David Van De Wiele-4
David Van De Wiele (22) Brandon McInturff-1
(small league)
Joe Hutchison-6
Tommy Roser-4
Brandon McInturff-1 (1526) none
David Van De Wiele-6
David Segerson-4
Joe Hutchison-1 (146) none
Robbie Wheeler-9
Robbie Wheeler
David Van De Wiele-1 (600) Brandon McInturff-1
2007-2008  David Van De Wiele-6  Robbie Wheeler Joe Hutchison-1 (1971) none
Manager Championship Points Series
Hall of Fame Managers

Past Champions and Playoff Contenders: Point totals are "up to the minute"
To be listed here a manager must be actice or have played 3 years.
Playoff (Overall) Champions receive 5 pts, Regular Season Titles receive 3 pts, 1 point for playoff berth.
Verified claims from outside leagues are tallied - the following conditions apply:
A) Points-based league (no outside head-to-head or "touchdown" leagues)
B) Scoring must be somewhat similar (based on performance not just TDs)
C) League must have playoffs involving at least 3 but no more than 4 teams
D) League must have at least six teams
plus a tally under the "Overall" and "Total" Championships categories
(per season)
(including current)
*Joe Hutchison
*Tommy Roser
*David Van De Wiele
*Robbie Wheeler 13 4.333 1 3 2 3 Yes
*Brandon McInturff 10 1.667 1 1 4 6 Yes
*David Segerson 10 2.000 1 2 2 5 No
*Rusty Wheeler 0 0.000 0 0 0 1 Yes
*Lee Bergfeld 0 0.000 0 0 0 3 No
*Edward Quamman 0 ---- 0 0 0 0.5* Yes
(your name here?) x x x x x x x
* - Banished for Conduct Detrimental to the League (ie, quitting)
* - Took over last place team halfway thru his first season
something wrong? numbers not right? send corrections to the Commish here

League Settings:
League ID#:   190338
League Name:   GridIron Guruz
Password:     gurusrus
Draft Type:     Live Draft
Draft Time:     Sep 2 12:00 PM (CDT)
Max Teams:     6-8
Scoring Type:     Points Only
Start Scoring on:     Week 1
Can't Cut List Provider:     None
Max Moves:     No maximum
Max Trades:     No trades
Trade Reject Time:     0
Trade End Date:     No trades
Trade Review:     Commissioner
Waiver Time:     2 days
Post Draft Players:     Free Agents
Roster Positions:     QB, QB, RB, RB, RB, W/T, W/T, W/T, W/T, K, DEF [next year = only 3 W/T]
League Scoring:
Note: Big increase in scoring next year (30-60%) plus enhanced Kicker and Team Defense scoring. Goal is to have starters average benchmark at 1000 points times 10 positions = 10,000 point weeks. But BIG penalties for negative plays (INTs, Fumbles, Missed FGs, Points Allowed, etc.) will help offset great performances by other players. The goal is to have the potential for MASSIVE point ranges based on opportunities and production versus turnovers with that range straddling the zero mark - with a potential of big swings in scoring per week as well. So poor performances, UNintended zeros (midgame injury) and "protection byes" will really sting now and should "cost" about 1000 points per week. So protect "franchise" players with caution....
Stat Categories:

Passing Yards (0.5 yards per point OR 2 points per yard)
Passing Touchdowns (60)
Interceptions (-60)
Fumbles Lost (-60 points)

Rushing Attempts (4 points per attempt)
Rushing Yards (0.25 yards per point OR 4 points per yard) 
Rushing Touchdowns (30 points)
Fumbles Lost (-60 points)

Receptions (10 points per reception)
Reception Yards (0.2 yards per point OR 5 points per yard)
Reception Touchdowns (60 points)
Fumbles Lost (-60 points)

Return Yards (1 yard per point)
Return Touchdowns (60 points)
2-Point Conversions (40 points)
Fumbles Lost (-60 points)

Field Goals 0-19 Yards (50)
Field Goals 20-29 Yards (100)
Field Goals 30-39 Yards (200)
Field Goals 40-49 Yards (300)
Field Goals 50+ Yards (500)
Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards (-250)
Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards (-200)
Field Goals Missed 30-39 Yards (-150)
Field Goals Missed 40-49 Yards (-25)
Point After Attempt Made (25)
Point After Attempt Missed (-250)

Sack (25)
Interception (45)
Fumble Recovery (45)
Touchdown (100)
Safety (50)
Points Allowed 0 points (600)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (400)
Points Allowed 7-13 points (250)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (100)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (-100)
Points Allowed 28-34 points (-500)
Points Allowed 35+ points (-1200)

Fractional Points:     No
Negative Points:     Yes

League Rules:
Regular Season:
There is only ONE RULE in the regular season; there is NO BENCH. You MAY NOT deactivate (bench) any position on your roster. Your roster MUST - AT ALL TIMES - contain 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 4 WR/TEs (3 next year), 1 Kicker, and 1 Defensive Team ALL in activated (non-benched) status. In the event your roster is EVER in violation of this rule the commissioner reserves the right to penalize said team/manager as s/he sees fit. S/he may (without notice) deactivate (bench) ALL the players in the affected position group (WRs, RBs, etc.) and thereby zero out ALL SCORING for those affected positions. In other words if you drop your Kicker and have 4 RBs, the commissioner will zero out (bench) ALL FOUR RB scores! - SO COMPLY! If a Kicker or Defense is benched the highest scorer for the week may be benched by the commissioner or benching the Defense the following week may be an option - whichever is more severe. To reiterate: the commissioner reserves the right to penalize said team/manager as s/he sees fit. To avoid this keep your roster legal at all times!  Other than this one rule, you are limited only by the Yahoo settings. The Commissioner is merely another manager in the league and WILL NOT make any corrections and/or changes once the season begins. However the Commissioner may opt to help any manager with any Yahoo shortcoming, glitch, or otherwise error including but not limited to games at special times or days (Thursday games for example that may affect waiver rights, etc.) where "normal" Yahoo actions are impaired (for example if their sight is "down" and you want to make a transaction via a timestamped email or phone call to the commissioner). This does not include "official" (NFL) statistical information which includes or may affect league scoring. The Commissioner also reserves the right to block a manager from posting to the message board or dumping one's roster (quitting, dropping players) at his discretion. This does NOT prohibit rudeness, trash-talking, cursing or other 'offensive' language as such is encouraged and is generally only done in extreme cases to prevent abuses or protect the integrity of the league and league standings.
NOTE: all scoring is computed by Yahoo and as such is beyond the control of the league commissioner. Example: Last season Yahoo did not count points scored against a team defense if it was not on the field (ie. INT and/or Fumble returns for TDs) and tallied return TDs as a Defensive team stat instead of a player stat. This is a Yahoo setting which may stand or be altered without notice. Regardless, to reiterate, all scoring is computed by Yahoo and as such is beyond the control of the league commissioner.

League Rules:
Playoff drafts are tenatively scheduled for Thursday nights at 10:00 PM Central Time.
Why have Rules?
Since the playoffs are internally controlled (not by Yahoo) there have to be, unfortunately, some rules. If one is unclear or confused by these rules one has all season to clarify same through the commissioner's office. They are even open to suggestion and/or change - but ONLY prior to the initial draft. Each rule has a purpose and all rules primary aim is to satisfy the leagues prime directive - to create a fair and evenly balanced playing field among active and skilled managers utilizing no bench. Those of you that have been here a while surely remember the reason(s) when rules were added. For example: combining the no drops and no moves on gameday policies prevent managers from dropping players minutes before a game . The no-bench/deactivation policies prevent managers from overdrafting roster spots or having but not playing players to horde them and keep them from other managers (the Trigun Rule). These policies all combined mean a manager does not need Internet access 5 minutes before each and every game to pick up players dropped at the last minute. The constant tinkering with the scoring module combined with the primary no-bench rule is designed to promote activeness by making it costly to keep (bench-ing) players with injuries or byes and minimize "coattailing". Still, if anyone has any question as to why a certain rule exists, I will be happy to explain with a reply. Or just post your query to the Yahoo message board; others will probably explain before I can.
Playoffs (postseason) begin the moment the completed regular-season final tallied scores are posted by Yahoo. The regular season champion automatically qualifies; the second and third place teams are invited to participate via the message post board provided they have met "active" status requirements as determined by the commissioner and may possibly require acceptance of the invitation via the message post board.  If a manager is more than 20 minutes late to the initial playoff draft, s/he will be replaced by the highest seeded alternate present at the draft.

No Auto draft is acceptable (the Insider Information Rule - if the Commissioner is in the playoffs said information may provide him an unfair advantage). If one experiences Internet problems and/or for some reason cannot attend the initial draft, another manager or the commissioner may act as a proxy (i.e. via telephone) for selections but ONLY after verifying this via a phone call, email, or message post to the commissioner before the playoff draft begins, thus the 15 minute delay grace period. If one has no Internet access, email access, or phone call access, then one WILL miss the opportunity to participate and be replaced by the next highest seed present, with that one (1) Championship Series Manager Point redirected to the participating alternate.
The initial draft will not begin until the commissioner posts "Begin the draft" and each manager has a 3 minute time limit to make a selection. At the end of 3 minutes if no selection is made the commission will then post for the next manager to make his or her next selection. Such an action IS FINAL (no exceptions - no "wait, wait, I pick so and so posts). It is advised the next selector wait or at least make sure the previous pick has been allowed and verified to make sure one's own attempted pick does not tip one's hand should that previous pick be deemed invalid or unacceptable.

As in the regular season there is no bench (The Golden Rule).

There are no Trades (the Leeboy Rule; eliminates helping other managers and potential proxy teams).

There are absolutely no Drops, even for injured players (the PackerPuke Rule). Think of it as Yahoo's "no cut" rule. Only players from losing teams are removed from your roster.

You can not inactivate (bench) a roster spot (the Trigun Rule).

There are no waivers; all players not on an active roster are Free Agents.

During the SuperBowl the Kicker and Defense roster spots are not used since there can be no 3rd entity and is thereby unbalanced for the #3 seeded team.
Unlike the regular season initial draft, ALL playoff draft rounds go by successive seeding (1,2,3,1,2,3,etc.) and officially end once all three participants state they are finished. One may "pass" in one round of a draft, then pick in the next cycle but be advised that three consecutive passes or non-picks also officially end that draft round - at which time managers are free to pick players at will and without sequence until the add deadline. In the initial playoff draft all roster spots must be filled. This avoids managers adding picks up to the deadline via email or phone not knowing someone else had already added that player moments earlier. This helps avoid confusion on the busiest opening round. Players facing a bye are allowed and will of course score a zero (0) in the initial round.

You are allowed seven (7) supplemental picks collectively in the following rounds. After any supplemental draft you may pick up (add) ANY player ANY time BEFORE the DATE of that weekend's FIRST game through the post message board at the yahoo web site provided you have an opening on your roster. This method is timestamped and considered final. Transactions must have a prior date to gameday on my computer. Are you smart enough to figure out this timeline involves the midnight hour - my time?  At this time I will try to post a "Rosters Frozen" message but it is up to you to make sure any such time issue does not come into play, so don't try to wait until the last minutes or seconds. (the Pulpman Rule). ANY ADD constitutes a pick. Only adds and supplemental playoff round picks constitute a "pick". One may opt to not fill a roster spot during a draft so he or she may add a player after the draft but before the add deadline. In other words, one may add a player up to the deadline but may not drop a player to add one. Notice there is no method by which one may wait until the last minute (on gameday) to add a player to avoid a no-start, injury replacement, or other roster change. When you draft or add a player you assume said risk automatically. You do however have the option of not picking a questionable player at the draft then adding him before the deadline if you wish - but you may not drop a player to make room for any such add.
NO draft pick or add is recognized or allowed without full first and/or last names, team affiliation, and position specified in the post - incorrect spelling is irrelevant with said information in the post. Draft "L.T." and I will recognize Lawrence Tynes - K - KC, and the next player may draft that RB for San Diego. Let's call this one the Robbie Rule. "L.T. - RB - SD" is not acceptable; "L.Tomlinson - SD - RB" is acceptable. Call it the Adrian Peterson Rule (2 such names in the NFL - both RBs, or the CINN-Johnson Rule - they have like 8 Johnsons on their roster with several having the same initials - so at least one name, first or last, must be included with your selection. In the CIN example a first and last name would be advisable). The Commissioner need not "approve" every selection for the draft to continue. If a selection is obviously legal (example: Brady - QB - NE) the next player may proceed without fear. But if in doubt (examples: "A. Peterson - RB"; or "Johnson - QB - TB" [maybe they have two]) the next selector may opt for verification before proceeding. Suppose CHI or MIN had made the playoffs and the other had not? Maybe you're an idiot and didn't know. Trigums is gone; let's let the childish BS part with him and make the draft an easy and professional process.
the exception(s) noted above the regular season settings and scoring modules hold true and are listed above. What to do, what to do.  Decide on a strategy, and Good Luck!

The Playoffs:
Playoff Scoring by Round
  Toestompers.. Pulpman Bloodhound
Wildcard 1722 1813 1355
Divisional 2501 5379 4428
Conference 3940 2997 2059
Super Bowl 1333 1485 1861
Total Points 9496 11674 9703

Playoff Scoring:
Week # 1 - Wildcard Round
Toestompers - 1722
Pulpman - 1813
Bloodhound - 1355
Tony Romo - bye Tom Brady - bye Peyton Manning - bye
Matt Hasselbeck - 446 Brett Favre - bye Todd Collins - 532
Wes Welker - bye Randy Moss - bye Reggie Wayne - bye
Jason Witten - bye Joey Galloway - 43 Terrell Owens - bye
Plaxico Burress - 230 Santonio Holmes - 335 Greg Jennings - bye
Donald Driver - bye Antonio Gates - 95 Chris Cooley - 280
LaDainian Tomlinson - 407 Marion Barber - bye Joseph Addai - bye
Fred Taylor - 306 Ryan Grant - bye Clinton Portis - 568
Brandon Jacobs - 378 Laurence Maroney - bye Kevin Faulk - bye
Nate Kaeding - 125
 Josh Brown - 775
Matt Bryant - 50
Jacksonville (-170) San Diego - 565 Tampa Bay (-75)
0 picks used - 7 picks remaining
0 picks used - 7 picks remaining
0 picks used - 7 picks remaining

Week # 2 - Divisional Round
Toestompers - 2501
Pulpman - 5379
Bloodhound - 4428
Tony Romo - 497 Tom Brady - 716 Peyton Manning - 874
Matt Hasselbeck - 472 Brett Favre - 526 Eli Manning - 466
Wes Welker - 490 Randy Moss - 85 Reggie Wayne - 510
Jason Witten - 475 Antonio Gates - 160 Terrell Owens - 345
Donald Driver - 120 Dallas Clark - 595 Greg Jennings - 535
Plaxico Burress - 35 Chris Chambers - 425 Benjamin Watson - 200
LaDainian Tomlinson - 205 Marion Barber - 709 Joseph Addai - 649
Fred Taylor - 240 Ryan Grant - 1052 Kevin Faulk - 282
Brandon Jacobs - 367 Laurence Maroney - 826 M. Jones-Drew - 417
Nate Kaeding - 75
 Josh Brown - 250
Stephen Gostkowski - 150
Jacksonville ( - 475) San Diego - 35 no player selected
0 picks used - 7 picks remaining
2 picks used - 5 picks remaining
4 picks used - 3 picks remaining

Week # 3 - Conference Championship Round
Toestompers - 3940
Pulpman - 2997
Bloodhound - 2059
Phillip Rivers - 302 Tom Brady - 358 Eli Manning - 532
Billy Volek - 0 Brett Favre - 472 no player selected
Wesley Welker - 410 Randy Moss - 160 Greg Jennings - 80
Donald Driver - 815 Antonio Gates - 105 Benjamin Watson - 50
Plaxico Burress - 820 Chris Chambers - 520 Steve Smith - 145
Donald Lee - 265 Dante Stallworth - 75 Amani Toomer - 250
LaDainian Tomlinson - 43 Ryan Grant - 163 Kevin Faulk - 526
Brandon Jacobs - 372 Laurence Maroney - 694 Ahmad Bradshaw - 401
Michael Turner - 363 Brandon Jackson - 15 no player selected
Nate Kaeding - 600
 Mason Crosby - 350
Steven Gostkowski - 75
Green Bay (-50) San Diego - 85 no player selected
5 picks used - 2 picks remaining
3 picks used - 2 picks remaining
3 picks used - 0 picks remaining

Super Bowl
Toestompers - 1333
Pulpman - 1485
Bloodhound - 1861
no player selected Tom Brady - 532 Eli Manning - 478
no player selected Matt Cassel - 0 no player selected
Wesley Welker - 640 Randy Moss - 420 Amani Toomer - 480
Plaxico Burress - 215 Dante Stallworth - 200 Steve Smith - 300
Domenik Hixon - 19 Jabar Gaffney - 0 Benjamin Watson - 0
Kevin Boss - 235 no player selected no player selected
Brandon Jacobs - 224 Laurence Maroney - 333 Kevin Faulk - 362
no player selected no player selected Ahmad Bradshaw - 241
no player selected no player selected no player selected
7 picks used - 0 picks remaining
7 picks used - 0 picks remaining
7 picks used - 0 picks remaining
Review: It was over when:
It was over for the Bloodhounds when Peyton failed of 3 consecutive drives versus San Diego in the waining minutes and the Colts failed to advance. Even loading up on the Giants couldn't make up the loss of those missing points.
It was in doubt for the ToeStompers when Dallas went down, it was over when he loaded up on San Diego instead of the Giants.
It was won by the Pulpman whe he drafted a balanced roster. This helped him avoid collapse when Moss didn't do as expected. Maroney was peobably the actual (and unexpected) difference.