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2002-2003 League Champion:
Congratulations to Manager Quiter
Final Regular Season Standings
Rank Team Total Pts Back
Horny Hippy
Covington Cripplers
Golden Gophers
The Endzone
Naked Toddler's
Denver Broncos
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Playoff Scoring (by round)
Wild Card
Super Bowl
Total Points
Horny Hippy

Weekly Review:
Wild Card Weekend (1/4/03 - 1/5/03):
Horny Hippy - 1332
QB .
Michael Vick (13) 281
Peyton Manning (19) 017
WR .
Marvin Harrison (4) 102
Plaxico Burress (10) 278
Laveranues Coles (25) 080
RB .
Tiki Barber (#1 pick) 424
Charlie Garner (7) bye
Duce Staley (22) bye
TE .
Jeremy Shockey (16) 210
K .
Martin Gramatica (31) bye
D .
NY Giants (28) (-)60
PackerPuke - 1171
QB .
Steve McNair (14) bye
Brett Favre (32) 126
WR .
Terrell Owens (5) 557
Derrick Mason (17) bye
Tim Brown (20) bye
RB .
Ahman Green (2) 076
Curtis Martin (8) 162
Warrick Dunn (11) 216
TE .
Marcus Pollard (29) 034
K .
David Akers (26) bye
D .
Tampa Bay (23) bye
Round #1 - Preview (written by Joe Hutchison HHHIC):
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Horny Hippy - The opening strategy for the Horny Hippy was to avoid the byes, build a lead, then use the #1 seeding to pick well in the supplemental draft rounds and hold on.  When asked about the upcoming playoffs, HHHIC (Head Horny Hippy In Charge) Joe Hutchison was quoted as saying, "This thing might be tight."
PackerPuke - The PackerPuke didn't go with as strong a Packer flavor as they did for the preseason draft.  Notably they avoiding the injured Donald Driver, and bypassed on any possible Packer replacement for Driver, and also passed on Bubba Franks.  Equally surprising, they were willing to let Brett Favre slip away not taking him until the 32nd selection (next to last pick).  Nevertheless, the PackerPuke still field Favre with teammate Ahman Green (a still all-time undefeated home playoff team), warrior Steve McNair, the NFL's #2 WR Terrell Owens, the NFL's #1 Defense (Tampa Bay), and the NFL's most accurate kicker this year.  They don't seem skeeeered to me.
Round #1 - Review:
...The opening weekend of the playoffs bring one word to mind - meltdown. Tony Dungy was brought in to Indianapolis to improve the woeful Colt defense, and it appeared - statistically - he had done so. The Jets proved otherwise.  Even more miserably, Dungy-led playoff teams have failed to score an offensive touchdown in 4 straight games.  Can you say conservative to a fault?  The Packers fared little better. Their head coach bungled when he quit on his team with 14:53 left in a game that meant home field throughout the playoffs.  A wise man (I think it was me) once said that quitting is infectious.  His team learned well, laying down in front of Atlanta once they trailed the Falcons 14-0.  But the NY Giants head fossil would not be outdone. In a cripplingly conservative offensive scheme, he was forced to open up the offensive spicket to avoid missing the playoffs. For a while the Giant offensive juggernaught (did I really say that?) was on fire, scoring 44 points against the Colts in week 16, racing up and down the field on the vaulted Eagle defense in the final week, then racking up 38 points against the 49ers in 3 1/2 quarters and building a 38-14 lead. But Head Coach Fossil reverted to his old ways and turned off the spicket. Bad move against an average defense backed by a great offense - and one he will have a long time to think about. Goodbye Giants.
...It was also a weekend of firsts. First time Tampa Bay won a game below 40 degrees (hello John Gruden). First time the Packers ever (that's EVER) lost a home playoff game (did you notice their fans gave them a standing ovation at game's end - what fans!). First time I ever called a Giant offense a juggernaught. First time the Jets have been alive this late in the season since - jeeze, since Joe Namath. And it was the first time ever - even for one week - I had Peyton Manning on one of my fantasy teams (hey Peyton, thanks for the 17 points).

Weekly Review:
Divisional Games (1/11/03 - 1/12/03):
Horny Hippy - 1319
QB .
Michael Vick 192
Brad Johnson (5) 229
WR .
Plaxico Burress 146
Laveranues Coles 068
Keyshawn Johnson (3) 180
RB .
Charlie Garner 224
Duce Staley 194
Eddie George (1) 036
TE .
-no player selected- ---
K .
Martin Gramatica 50
D .
-no player selected- ---
3 players selected - 4 picks left
PackerPuke - 1920
QB .
Steve McNair 452
Jeff Garcia (2) (-)65
WR .
Terrell Owens 078
Tim Brown 110
Derrick Mason 153
RB .
Warrick Dunn 214
Curtis Martin 216
Amos Zereoue (4) 182
TE .
-no player selected- ---
K .
David Akers 100
D .
Tampa Bay 480
2 players selected - 5 picks left
Round #2 - Preview
A blown call by three officials (so deemed by the NFL) AND the replay booth official meant I lost three roster spots last week. So three picks were needed to somewhat replenish my roster. Still, I fill 9 of 11 spots this week. The PackerPuke field 10 and hang on to 5 picks.
PS: No, I don't believe in Eddie George. I wanted to pick Amos Zereoue. But I didn't for the same reason I passed on Tommy Maddox - I didn't want 2 Steelers since I believe they will lose to Tennessee - the same reason I picked up George. So now I still have what I didn't want - three players from the same team. John Gruden, you better not let me down . . .
Round #2 - Review
The PackerPuke took over the lead by virtue of my regular season warrior (Steve McNair), and their regular season Defense (Tampa Bay). But a funny thing happened. The PackerPuke now have zero running backs. And half their players are Titans, which might not work well at Oakland next week. It will be interesting to see what he decides to do at the RB position. I, on the other hand, retain all 3 RBs, but crave one good WR for next week. I only trail by 360 points and if the home teams win next week, I will score with AND retain a starting QB, a starting WR, and 2 starting RBs. Fill in a defense and I should be set. I ain't skeeeered.

Weekly Review:
Conference Championships (1/19/03):
Horny Hippy - 1454
QB .
Brad Johnson 304
Donovan McNabb(3) 096
WR .
Keyshawn Johnson 146
Jerry Rice(1) 148
-no player selected- ---
RB .
Charlie Garner 256
Duce Staley 240
Eddie George 154
TE .
-no player selected- ---
K .
Martin Gramatica 110
D .
-no player selected- ---
2 players selected - 2 picks left
PackerPuke - 1874
QB .
Steve McNair 450
Rich Gannon(5) 564
WR .
Tim Brown 119
Derrick Mason 103
James Thrash(2) 054
RB .
Michael Pittman(4) 150
Zack Crocket(6) 074
-no player selected- ---
TE .
-no player selected- ---
K .
David Akers 050
D .
Tampa Bay 310
4 players selected - 1 pick left
Round #3 - Preview
The draft for this round went totally against all my guesswork. Austin Powers is no longer the International Man of Mystery. He has been replaced by the Cheesehead. I expected them to save 2 picks for the super bowl, but they choose to leave themselves only one. Of course, if the Raiders win they are definitely looking good. Personally, I was too scared of Steve McNair to over-commit to the Raiders just yet.  As a result I was certain I would lose any hopes of snagging "the other Jerry" Porter. But the PackerPuke showed no such fear and banked heavily on the Black and Silver. Personally I think the best part of the Raiders is now the coach of the Bucs, but am pleased as punch to have the Porter option next week should the Raiders win. The PackerPuke field 9 players to my 8 this round, but I hope my drafting advantage next week combined with my roster diversity will keep me within striking distance for the Big Show - regardless of how the games go this weekend. As I look at the PackerPuke current roster, I get less and less skeeeered. He has the QBs for sure, but his WRs are hit and miss and his RBs leave much to be desired. He needs another strong showing from the Buc defense (which I believe he will get), and a Raider win (which I believe he will get). He better.
Go Bucs (offense only, lol). Go Raiders. Go Horny Hippy! I still say this thing is going to be tight . . .
Round #3 - Review
...They say hindsight is 20-20, but it has to be better than that. Last week I told a friend this was the time of the year when one had to pick a team (or teams) to win, and go with players from those teams. Then, as if I didn't hear myself speaking, did just the opposite. When the PackerPuke mysteriously picked James Thrash last week and left Rich Gannon dangling on the wire, I had a choice to make - Gannon or McNabb. Afraid to over-commit to the Raiders and/or Bucs, I choose McNabb for 'diversity's sake.' Duh! Had I followed my own advice and grabbed Gannon it would have meant almost 500 more points for me, AND almost 500 fewer points for the PackerPuke. Translated, that's a 900-plus point swing, meaning I would be in the lead by more than 100 points, instead of in the deep hole I now find myself in. I outcoached myself.
...On to next week. I will field seven and the PackerPuke six. And I like my seven much more than I like his six. The one exception? -yep, Gannon. So what strategy do I employ for the final week? Better question - will I take it? First, make a prediction. Ok, Raiders. Second, pick Raider players. Ok, Jerry Porter. Why? He's the only player on the wire that has the potential for a big week. That will also put pressure on the Cheesehead. Does he spend his last pick and add a second WR? - probably a Buc? Or does he opt for Alstott predicting a Buc win and go with just one WR? Regardless, who do I spend my last pick on? Do I 'go with' the Raiders, predicting they will win and pick up their Defense? Or do I opt for a second RB (especially if he passes on Alstott)? Or do I try to monopolize (and double-ize) off Gannon adding Doug Jolley?
Decisions, decisions . . . I'm getting a headache. I think I'll sleep on it . . .

Weekly Review:
Super Bowl (1/26/03):
Horny Hippy - 1160
QB .
Brad Johnson 278
-no player selected- ---
WR .
Jerry Rice 224
Keyshawn Johnson 150
Jerry Porter (1) 192
RB .
Charlie Garner 136
-no player selected- ---
-no player selected- ---
TE .
-no player selected- ---
K .
Martin Gramatica 150
D .
Oakland (3) 030
2 players selected - 0 picks left
PackerPuke - 1062
QB .
Rich Gannon 113
-no player selected- ---
WR .
Tim Brown 020
Joe Jurevicius (2) 164
-no player selected- ---
RB .
Michael Pittman 248
Zack Crocket 012
-no player selected- ---
TE .
-no player selected- ---
K .
-no player selected- ---
D .
Tampa Bay 505
1 player selected - 0 picks left
Round #4 - Preview
The draft for this round was short and sweet. Basically, I had to decide which team would win the John Gruden Bowl - the team he built into a powerhouse so strong it made it to the Gruden Bowl without him, or his new team that is yet incomplete. Which is more impressive? His old team that still has his fingerprints all over it, or his new team that is still a work in progress? Most would agree that based on the course of the season the Raiders appear to be the better team. But that really doesn't matter on the upcoming given sunday. Sure the Bucs are 27th rushing the ball, but they have been much better down the stretch - ask Philly. And QB Brad Johnson is taking on all the appearances of a successful work in progress - much like Gannon emerged from the blahs under Gruden. Almost overnight Tampa Bay has an offense - a passing offense (did I say that out loud?) that can score. That in itself is a major accomplishment attributable to Gruden. And he did it without disassembling that famous Buc defense. For the Bucs to win they will need to continue to run the ball well. If they do, this will be a very competitive Gruden Bowl. If not, the Raiders will pull away at the end. And the latter is what I'm banking on . . .
For the Horny Hippy to win the league championship, Gannon will have to feature Rice and Porter more than Brown (conceivable), and Garner will have to have some Gannon-less points (rushing yards and TDs). More importantly, the Raider defense needs to score well without completely shutting down Brad Johnson (doable). In short, I don't think Gannon will beat me. He may get his, but I should share (even double) in some of the wealth. The barometer for me is the Oakland defense and Garners rushing totals. I like my chances . . .
Round #4 - Review
...Indulge me for just one moment. I have to play one round of what if . . . Had I followed my own advice (see last week's comments) and committed to the Raiders, and selected Gannon instead of McNabb, it would have meant a 900 point swing last week. Translated, that means I would have entered the final round ahead by some 100 or so points instead of trailing by nearly 800. But what would the PackerPuke have done with that left-over pick? Would they have selected McNabb, or opted for Alstott, McCardell, Jolley? Those 3 scored between 120 and 180 this week. Plus they had points last week. Would those totals have been enough to overtake my slim lead? Who knows. The only thing certain is that the final score would have been much closer than it was. A little more interesting perhaps. And what if Goldie hadn't bailed? There is no doubt the lack of a third player hurt me strategy-wise, but it was not the deciding factor in our league championship. Nor did it hurt me more so that the PackerPuke. On to reality . . .
Last week I noted I needed three things to happen in order to win. (1) I needed Gannon to have an average week (check) where he featured Rice and Porter more than Brown (check). I also needed (2) a score by the Oakland defense (check), and (3) Gannon-less yards from Garner (7 rushes, 10 yards) - opps - no check. Two out of three doesn't win championships. Picking up the Oakland defense didn't exactly help either. My bad. Had I picked Tampa to win I would have passed on the Oakland D and picked up Alstott or McCardell.
The PackerPuke won the league championship because despite what many contemporary fans think, defense still wins championships, and they had the Tampa Bay defense. Interesting to note (as made public by John Madden) that this was the tenth time the Super Bowl matched a top three offense against a top three defense. This was the ninth time the defense prevailed. The PackerPuke won because they selected good players, and took advantage of situations when they were made available, just as champions tend to do. My only consolation is that John Gruden won the John Gruden Bowl. He took his incomplete team and whipped his completed yet abandoned team. Yes Virginia, defense still wins championships, and great coaches still beat lesser ones.
Congratulations to Manager Quiter and his PackerPuke on winning the inaugural GridIron Gurus Fantasy Football League Championship.
Enjoy my crown, for now, for I shall return . . .
Playoffs - The Instructions
Read this carefully - direct (email) any questions here
Formula: The top two (2) teams qualify for the playoffs, seeded 1 through 2. There are four (4) playoff rounds. There is an initial first round draft in which every team has eleven free picks to fill a normal roster just like in the regular season.  In the three subsequent rounds teams have a combined seven (7) supplemental picks each to replenish their roster replacing players that lost.  You may start with 11 players (even though all don't play the first weekend) yet wind up in the Super Bowl with only one or two players.  All point totals are cumulative meaning a manager can score no points in any particular round yet still win it all.
Round #1:
On Thursday, January 2 at 7:00 PM CDT a live online draft will be held through the message post board at the league's homage.  The team seeded #1 will select any player. Subsequent picks will be made by seeding (1,2,1,2,etc.) until 22 picks have been made filling each roster.  If you miss the draft or any supplemental draft you may add players up to kickoff time of the first game that round with any available player(s).  Scores will be tallied based on NFL games 1/4/03 - 1/5/03 and the scoring results will be posted here and at the league web site on the morning of Monday 1/6/03.
Round #2:
On Thursday, January 9 at 7:00 PM CDT the supplemental draft will take place.  The #1 seed will either select a player using one of the seven (7) allotted picks or the team may "pass."  The next seeded team will then choose its action.  The supplemental draft will continue through the eleven roster spots or until no teams chooses to use any of its remaining picks.  Scores will be tallied based on NFL games 1/11/03 - 1/12/03 and the scoring results will be posted here and at the league web site on the morning of Monday 1/13/03.
Round #3:
On Thursday, January 16 at 7:00 PM CDT the supplemental draft will take place until no teams chooses to use any of its remaining picks.  Scores will be tallied based on NFL Championship Games played on 1/19/03 and the scoring results will be posted here and at the league web site on the morning of Monday 1/20/03.
Round #4 (Super Bowl):
On Thursday, January 23 at 7:00 PM CDT the supplemental draft will take place until no teams chooses to use any of its remaining picks.  Scores will be tallied based on the Super Bowl played on 1/26/03 and the scoring results will be posted here and at the league web site on the morning of Monday 1/27/03. The GridIron Guru Champion will be posted here and at the league web site.

Playoff Strategy:
The strategy is complicated.  If you fill your roster for the first round only with players actually playing in Wild Card games that weekend you may score well, but the players on the 4 NFL teams that had bye weeks are not on your roster.  You will have to add them in the supplemental draft rounds for which you only have a combined seven (7) picks over the final 3 rounds.  If you originally draft those players that have a bye week the first round you will gain zero (0) points that week for that player.  It's more complicated than it sounds.  Is it better to have a prolific fantasy scorer like Priest Homes or Michael Vick who may only play in one playoff game and hope for the big score, or is it better to have say a Duce Staley who likely won't have that 500 point day, but may play in 2, 3, or more games (filling a roster spot for all those weeks without using up your supplemental picks?  Draft players that lose every week and you'll quickly use up your your seven supplemental round picks.  Draft players that win in their games and you get to keep them on your roster for additional weeks without using up picks.  The more players on your roster, the more points you will probably score.  Of course, having Staley for three weeks and netting only 400 total points is not as good as Vick playing only one game and scoring 500 points.  Do you play for the big points in the early rounds, then try to hang on, or do you leave holes in your roster to make sure you have a pick or two or three for the super bowl?  What to do, what to do.  Decide on a strategy, and Good Luck!