last updated: 2/5/2007
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The Teams:
Joe Hutchison
David Van De Wiele
MidSouth Africans
Brandon McInturff
Toe Stompers
Robbie Wheeler
Jeff Harley

 Robbie Wheeler's Toestompers
(last year's doormat completes worst to first finish - wins title)
Strong starting running back performances combined with a weak output by Peyton Manning standards and a typical Rex Grossman peformance pave the way for Regular Season Champion Toestompers to overtake defending GridIron Guru Champion Pulpman and claim the title in just his second season.
Robbie Wheeler's Toestompers win Regular Season Championship
Defending Champion Pulpman returns to defend title
Africans return to playoffs after one year absence
bloodhound misses playoffs for first time in 7 seasons
Last year's regular season champ finishes last
(quits league in shame - second former champ to do so as level of competition rises again)

Final Regular Season League Standings
Toestompers 51599
Pulpman 48913
Midsouth Africans 48102
bloodhound 48059
chi-town-er 43342
Anubis's Deathdealer 43052
Trigun Gladiators 41002

The Playoffs

Playoff Scoring by Round
  Toestompers.. Pulpman Midsouth
Wildcard 1576 2070 1696
Divisional 2897 2863 1736
Conference 2185 1840 1172
Super Bowl 1276 561 548
Total Points 7934 7334 5152

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Playoff Scoring:
Week #1
Toestompers - 1576
Pulpman - 2070
Midsouth Africans - 1696
Drew Breesbye Peyton Manning - 193 Jeff Garcia - 249
Tom Brady - 364 Phillip Rivers - bye Tony Romo - 251
Marvin Harrison - 106 Terrell Owens - 62 Reggie Wayne - 157
Marques Colston - bye Antonio Gates - bye Terry Glenn - 102
Dante Stallworth - 157 Plexico Burress - 323 Reggie Brown - 209
Laverneus Coles - 115 Darrell Jackson - 000 D.J. Hackett - 26
LaDainian Tomlinson - bye Tiki Barber - 416 Brian Westbrook - 421
Larry Johnson - 173 Shaun Alexander - 186 Jamal Lewis - bye
Joseph Addai - 441 Reggie Bush - bye Corey Dillon - 146
David Akers - 220
 Adam Vinatieri - 495
Josh Brown - 135
San Diego - bye
(replacing Dallas)
New England - 395 Baltimore - bye
1 picks used - 6 picks remaining
0 picks used - 7 picks remaining
0 picks used - 7 picks remaining
Draft Review: (Want your comments/reviews posted here? Submit them by clicking here)
Interesting and seemingly balanced draft. Toestopmers have 4 or 5 of the top 6 or 7 scorers but left what I would consider holes in his roster, namely Addai, Brady, and the Dallas D. Pulpman went out of sequence to get first pick on defense and kicker (smart) but bypassed Chicsgo D apparently for bye reasons. He appears a tad weak at WR, and 2nd QB but fairly decent balance. Bugman leaning heavily on Philly, hot team but will they stay hot? A little weak at RB but willing to ride a bye for Baltimore D should pay off in long run. Interesting note: where are all the Bears (CHI)? Answer = what Bears? LOL, plus a bye? Smart ommission(s), or was it? Time will tell.....

Week # 2
Toestompers - 2897
Pulpman - 2863
Midsouth Africans - 1736
Drew Brees - 260 Peyton Manning - 96 Jeff Garcia - 326
Tom Brady - 275 Phillip Rivers - 152 Steve Mcnair - 52
Marvin Harrison - 110 Antonio Gates - 152 Reggie Wayne - 127
Marques Colston - 135 Darrell Jackson - 118 Reggie Brown - 167
Dante Stallworth - 325 Bernard Berrian - 345 D.J. Hackett - 0
Mark Clayton - 176 Reche Caldwell - 255 Devery Henderson  - 75
LaDainian Tomlinson - 600 Shaun Alexander - 467 Brian Westbrook - 337
Joseph Addai - 173 Reggie Bush - 268 Jamal Lewis - 195
Deuce Mcallister - 558 -no player selected Corey Dillon - 52
David Akers - 80
 Adam Vinatieri - 725
Josh Brown - 180
San Diego - 205 New England - 285 Baltimore - 225
2 picks used - 4 picks remaining
2 picks used - 5 picks remaining
2 picks used - 5 picks remaining
Review: (Want your comments/reviews posted here? Submit them by clicking here)
Wow! - two very impressive scores by playoff standards but both managers lose half their rosters. But the Africans lose eight roster spots while posting a relatively below average score for the second round and are clearly in trouble. With so many holes in all three rosters the question has to be asked - now what?  Does one use up their respective picks to refill their roster and score as much as possible in the next round, risking having no or maybe one pick left for the Super Bowl?  Does one now go after the many available Chicago Players and hope they beat the Saints? And what if they don't? Do the two frontrunners take big chances and crash and burn fighting each other and open the door for the Africans to get back in the hunt late? Can the last place Africans sneak out a win like in Jeopardy with a modest score because the frontrunners risk (and lose) serious bucks trying to fight off each other? What is the best strategy for the frontrunners? What is the best strategy for the Africans? How many holes does he fill for this next week, how many picks does he save for the Super Bowl? Is it better at this point to pick who will score better this week, or is more important to pick players one feels will win and be back for the Super Bowl the following week? Is this enough to contemplate for the upcoming draft? Is the strategy for the final two weeks complex enough? In a year dominated by defense team scores, defenses have scored modestly so far, and it's a kicker that is vying for MVP. LOL, what a dilemma. I can't wait to see who does what, why, and how that works out for them.  Good luck to all...

Week # 3:
Toestompers - 2185
Pulpman - 1840
Midsouth Africans - 1172
Drew Brees - 452 Peyton Manning - 498 -no player selected
Tom Brady - 257 Rex Grossman - 202 -no player selected
Marvin Harrison - 122 Bernard Berrian - 255 Reggie Wayne - 161
Marques Colston - 166 Reche Caldwell - 112 Devery Henderson - 124
Mushin Muhammed - 45 Jabar Gaffney - 149 Billy Miller - 82
Dallas Clark - 354 Rashied Davis - 34 -no player selected
Joseph Addai - 218 Reggie Bush - 465 Corey Dillon - 170
Deuce Mcallister - 117 Laurence Maroney - 70 Cedric Benson - 228
Thomas Jones - 454 -no player selected Dominic Rhodes - 262
-no player selected
Adam Vinatieri - 305
Robbie Gould - 265
-no player selected New England - (-250) Indianapolis - (-120)
3 picks used - 1 pick remaining
4 picks used - 1 pick remaining
5 picks used - 0 picks remaining
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Super Bowl:
Toestompers - 1276
Pulpman - 561
Midsouth Africans - 548
-no player selected Peyton Manning - 219 -no player selected
-no player selected Rex Grossman - 94 -no player selected
Marvin Harrison - 143 Bernard Berrian - 96 Reggie Wayne - 192
Mushin Muhammed - 145 Rashied Davis - 21 -no player selected
Dallas Clark - 96 Terrence Wilkins - 131 -no player selected
Desmond Clark - 158 -no player selected -no player selected
Thomas Jones - 360 -no player selected Dominic Rhodes - 399
Joseph Addai - 374 -no player selected Cedric Benson - (-43)
-no player selected -no player selected -no player selected
1 picks used - 0 picks remaining
1 picks used - 0 picks remaining
0 picks remaining
Game Reviews: (Want your comments/reviews posted here? Submit them by clicking here)
Strong Starting Running Back performances combined with a weak output by Peyton Manning standards and a typical Rex Grossman peformance pave the way for regular season champion Toestompers to overtake defending Guru champion Pulpman and claim the title in just his second season.

The Playoffs:
The strategy is complicated.  If you fill your roster for the first round only with players actually playing in Wild Card games that weekend you may score well, but the players on the 4 NFL teams that had bye weeks are not on your roster.  You will have to add them in the supplemental draft rounds for which you only have a combined seven (7) picks over the final 3 rounds.  If you originally draft those players that have a bye week the first round you will gain zero (0) points that week for that player.  It's more complicated than it sounds.  Is it better to have a prolific fantasy scorer like Larry Johnson or Tiki Barber who may only play in one playoff game and hope for the big score, or is it better to have say a Duce McAllister who likely won't have that 600 point day, but may play in 2, 3, or more games (filling a roster spot for all those weeks without using up your supplemental picks?  Draft players that lose every week and you'll quickly use up your your seven supplemental round picks.  Draft players that win in their games and you get to keep them on your roster for additional weeks without using up picks.  The more players on your roster, the more points you will probably score.  Of course, having McAllister for three weeks and netting only 500 total points is not as good as Tiki playing only one game and scoring 865 points.  Do you play for the big points in the early rounds, then try to hang on, or do you leave holes in your roster to make sure you have a pick or two or three for the super bowl?

2007-2008 Playoff Rules and Proceedures:
The Playoffs (postseason) begin the moment the completed regular-season final tallied scores are posted by Yahoo. The regular season champion automatically qualifies; the second and third place teams are invited to participate via the message post board provided they have met "active" status requirments as determined by the commissioner and acceptance of the invitation via the message post board.  If a manager is more than 20 minutes late to the initial playoff draft, s/he will be replaced by the highest seeded alternate present at the draft. As in the regular season there is no bench. There are no Trades. There are no Drops. You can not inactivate (bench) a roster spot. To avoid timestamp and or regional or personal end user time issues, NO CHANGES ARE ALLOWED on or after the DATE of that weekend's FIRST game. Transactions must have a prior date to gameday on my computer.  It is up to you to make sure any such time issue does not come into play, so don't try to wait until the last minutes or seconds. There are no waivers; all players not on an active roster are Free Agents. During the SuperBowl the Kicker and Defense roster spots are not used since there can be no 3rd entity and is thereby unbalanced for the #3 seeded team.  Unlike the regular season initial draft, ALL playoff draft rounds go by succsessive seeding (1,2,3,1,2,3,etc.) and officially end once all three participants state they are finished. One may "pass" in one round of a draft, then pick in the next cycle but be advised that three consecutive passes or non-picks also officially end that draft round - at which time managers are free to pick players at will and without sequence untill the add deadline. In the initial playoff draft all roster spots MUST be filled, which of course means there is no 'add' window until after the first supplemental draft round. Players facing a bye are allowed and will of course score a zero (0) in the initial round. You are allowed seven (7) supplemental picks collectively in the following rounds. After any supplemental draft you may pick up (add) ANY player ANY time BEFORE the DATE of that weekend's FIRST game through the post message board at the yahoo web site provided you have an opening on your roster. This method is timestamped and considered final. ANY ADD constitutes a pick. Only adds and supplemental playoff round picks constitute a "pick". One may opt to not fill a roster spot during a supplemental draft so he or she may add a player after the draft but before the add deadline. In other words, one may add a player up to the deadline but may not drop a player to add one. Notice there is no method by which one may wait until the last minute (on gameday) to add a player to avoid a no-start, injury replacement, or other roster change. When you draft or add a player you assume said risk automatically. You do however have the option of not picking a questionable player at the draft then adding him before the deadline if you wish - but you may not drop a player to make room for any such add. NO draft pick or add is recognized or allowed without full first and last names, team affiliation, and position specified in the post - incorrect spelling is irrelevant with said information in the post.
With the exception(s) noted above the regular season settings and scoring modules hold true and are listed below. What to do, what to do.  Decide on a strategy, and Good Luck!

2007-2008 League Settings and Scoring Module:
There is only ONE RULE in the regular season; there is NO BENCH. You MAY NOT deactivate (bench) any position on your roster. Your roster MUST - AT ALL TIMES - contain 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 4 WR/TEs, 1 Kicker, and 1 Defensive Team ALL in activated (non-benched) status. In the event your roster is EVER in violation of this rule the commissioner may (without notice) deactivate (bench) ALL the players in the affected position group (WRs, RBs, etc.) and therbye zero out ALL SCORING for those affected positions. To avoid this keep your roster legal at all times!  In other words if you drop your Kicker and have 4 RBs, the commissioner will zero out (bench) ALL FOUR RB scores! - SO COMPLY! Other than this one rule, you are limited only by the Yahoo settings. The Commissioner is merely another manager in the league and WILL NOT make any corrections and/or changes once the season begins.  The Commissioner reserves the right to block a manager from posting to the message board or dumping one's roster (quitting, dropping players) at his discretion. This does NOT prohibit rudeness, trash-talking, cursing or other 'offensive' language as such is encouraged and is generally only done in extreme cases to prevent abuses or protect the integrity of the league and league standings.
NOTE: all scoring is computed by Yahoo and as such is beyond the control of the league commissioner. Example: Last season Yahoo did not count points scored against a team defense if it was not on the field (ie. INT and/or Fumble returns). This is a Yahoo setting which may stand or be altered without notice. Regardless, to reiterate, all scoring is computed by Yahoo and as such is beyond the control of the league commissioner
The Settings:
League Name:     GridIron Gurus
Password:     gurusrus
Draft Type:     Live Draft
Draft Time:     Sep (TBA)
Max Teams:     6
Scoring Type:     Points Only
Start Scoring on:     Week 1
Can't Cut List Provider:     None
Max Moves:     No maximum
Max Trades:     No trades
Trade Reject Time:     0
Trade End Date:     No trades
Trade Review:     Commissioner
Waiver Time:     2 days
Post Draft Players:     Follow Waiver Rules
Roster Positions:     QB, QB, RB, RB, RB, W/T, W/T, W/T, W/T, K, DEF
The Scoring:
Stat Categories:     Passing Yards (0.5 yards per point OR 2 points per yard)
Passing Touchdowns (60)
Interceptions (-60)
Rushing Attempts (4 points per attempt)
Rushing Yards (0.25 yards per point OR 4 points per yard)
Rushing Touchdowns (30 points)
Receptions (10 points per reception)
Reception Yards (0.2 yards per point OR 5 points per yard)
Reception Touchdowns (60 points)
Return Yards (1 yard per point)
Return Touchdowns (60 points)
2-Point Conversions (40 points)
Fumbles Lost (-60 points)
Field Goals 0-19 Yards (50)
Field Goals 20-29 Yards (100)
Field Goals 30-39 Yards (200)
Field Goals 40-49 Yards (300)
Field Goals 50+ Yards (500)
Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards (-250)
Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards (-200)
Field Goals Missed 30-39 Yards (-150)
Field Goals Missed 40-49 Yards (-25)
Point After Attempt Made (25)
Point After Attempt Missed (-250)
Sack (25)
Interception (45)
Fumble Recovery (45)
Touchdown (100)
Safety (50)
Points Allowed 0 points (600)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (400)
Points Allowed 7-13 points (250)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (100)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (-100)
Points Allowed 28-34 points (-500)
Points Allowed 35+ points (-1200)
Fractional Points:     No
Negative Points:     Yes