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This collection of software represents the Best of the Best from many categories...

* Protect yourself from prying eyes and trackers. Surf the web anonymously with PeerGuardian
* Get BitComet, the best point-to-point (P2P) downloading software.
* The Best Video Player based on substance over style is a no-brainer.
     - The
Videolan (VLC) player plays almost anything - straight from the factory floor!
The Best, easiest to use, most configurable Image Viewer is easy too - IRFANVIEW
Need to read or open a .DOC file but don't want to install Microsoft's expensive, 5 CD, intrusive software?
     - easy choice here. Get TextMaker Viewer. It also opens other files including .ODT files (see next entry)
* Get OpenOffice Office Suite (with word processor) for a complete replacement for Microsoft
Office Suite
The Best Firewall Software is Comodo, P
C Magazine Online's Editor's Choice for protection against identity theft hackers,
     - Trojans, scripts and other threats.  It also tracks all outgoing net traffic and lets you allow, stop, and remember each decision.
     - They also have free Anti-Malware, Website AuthenticationAntiVirus, and Email Security Certificate software.
For the Best Free Anti Spyware Software with free "real-time protection" try WinCleaner and/with SpywareBlaster
There are a lot of good AntiVirus programs, and a lot of free ones, but they don't interlink often.
     - There are 2 exceptions. Avast (limited) Free Home Edition (get it) is quite good, but AVG is the Best and is fully functional!.
The Best Internet Browser is Firefox. Period. Be sure to install the addon Adblock. No more pop-ups, no more unwanted
     - and slow-loading ADs, no more anything else you don't want. Regain control of the Internet! with Firefox
     - Test your browser now. What do you see here on this page at Tripod? ADs?, Pop-ups? I don't. See what I see when I access
     - this page by downloading this image file, use Irfanview to open it, then use the "Enter" key to go full screen. Now isn't that better?
     - And this is how my home page should look the image file. Does it? If not, Regain control of the Internet now with Firefox
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