Joe Hutchison


Why a good resume is better than filling out a form or application: The advantage of filling in online forms or completing applications is to create a database which is conveniently searchable and/or comparable to other applicants. But it is a poor and limiting way to gather information, and a pitiful method to select a leader - which is ultimately what a manager is. To "see" such characteristics outside a personal interview one needs to read a well written resume, and mine won't fit in a box. So please carefully review this resume.


My name is Joe Hutchison. I am 49 years old, married, and father to one daughter. I have been married for more than twenty-four years to the same wonderful woman and have one teenage daughter. I graduated from a church-affiliated high school in Memphis, TN. -Frayser Baptist Schools- so I know the value of education. My college education focused on the art of instruction, leadership, counseling, and teaching and has helped prepare me for the rigors of employee management and any administrative duties by offering detailed, formal instruction in the concepts of working within a team, psychology, strategies, tactics, negotiations, contracts, promotions, and marketing. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Memphis May 1998 with a self-authored baccalaureate degree in Leadership. I am currently enrolled at the university seeking a Masters Degree in Sport and Leisure Commerce through the Department of Human Movement Sciences & Education (HMSE) having completed all the necessary coursework at the Master's level and lacking only a senior thesis/special project (30 of 39 hours). This is a degree in Business Administration with a slant toward sport related commerce. These are not, nor were they intended to be traditional degrees. They are degrees designed outside the box of traditional thinking and heavily scrutinized and critiqued by the University of Memphis and received special acknowledgment from same. I possess strong organizational, interpersonal, and computer skills, and have more than ten years service in the automotive industry - including management. I have another fifteen plus years in management experience in other industries. This letter serves notice I am interested in any current vacancy with your company or organization. It is to this end I hereby submit this resume.

Institution Name: The University of Memphis
Degree, Major and Year: B.P.S.; Individual Studies/ Coaching and Athletic Leadership /1998
Graduated with Honors: Continuous Dean's List; 3.63 GPA; Authored own degree; Graduated magna cum laude; Authored multiple web sites, one of which was my senior project -- Das Book -- and served an Internship with a football team as assistant line coach.
Current Status: Enrolled in Masters Program Sport and Leisure Commerce at the University of Memphis (30 of 39 credits completed).

...I have more than fifteen years managerial experience in several diverse industries. The author of numerous websites, including the award-winning football site mentioned above, I have also owned and operated two successful businesses - a computer assembly and sales, then home improvement company. Although the genre has varied over time in my work history, one theme has remained constant - I was always in, or rose to, positions of authority or management. Experiences in such a dynamic workplace often afforded me the opportunity to work in multicultural and diverse environments. I am a motivated, educated, dynamic, and driven problem solver. Being a successful manager, be it of inventory or personnel, does not mean knowing what page to turn to in the magical managers handbook to solve a problem. It means knowing how to analyze the problem, come to a plan of action, implement same to fruition, then provide some course to deter its recurrence. I am a manager in the truest, purest sense. I can manage a group, a team, a business, myself, and my ability to successfully adapt to any environment. As a bonus I am far past computer literate: (my website).
...I also have more that ten  years experience in the Automotive Industry with emphasis on fuel, ECM (computer), tune-up, performance, and diagnostic abilities. I also have extensive experience in general auto repairs including brakes, suspension repairs, alignments, and maintenance. I have worked for dealerships, aftermarket leaders, and independent repair facilities. My capacities and duties ranged from on-hands repair to estimate building, customer sales and service, point-of-sale transactions, office management, vendor account management, training, and more.

Organization Name: The Home Depot
Title, Applicable Date(s): Department Supervisor - Lumber; Department Supervisor - Building Materials. 4/1/2009 - 4/21/2010.
Responsibilities: Customer service, inventory management, general management of 7 person staff, ordering, purchasing, POS, financial and other reports, and advertising for professional home services company.

Organization Name: Fast Action Deluxe Home Services
Title, Applicable Date(s): Owner, 2000-2008
Responsibilities: Vendor and customer accounts, inventory management, staffing, scheduling and general management of 4-8 person staff, ordering, purchasing, POS, and advertising for professional home services company. Started as co-partner, finish painter, carpenter, and general labor for 2 years, then moved into labor staffing and management. The last 3 years I was responsible for company labor, pricing (estimates), and final inspections (quality control).

Organization Name: WonderLan Micro
Title, Applicable Date(s): Owner/CEO, 10/95-5/2000
Responsibilities: Vendor and customer accounts, inventory management, scheduling and management of 2-4 person staff, ordering, purchasing, POS, assembly, advertising, and distribution of home computers.

Organization Name: Stream International
Title, Applicable Date(s): Telephone Computer Support Technician (AST), 1/98 -10/98
Responsibilities: Assist computer end users with wide range of computer issues via telephone.

Organization Name: Goodyear (Cloverleaf - Memphis)
Title, Applicable Date(s): Lead Tech 2/93 -3/95
Responsibilities: Lead Tech, diagnostics, performance, tune up, brakes, suspension, ECM & fuel systems diagnosis and repair.

Organization Name: Certified Auto Repair Specialists (C.A.R.S.) - Memphis
Title, Applicable Date(s): Shop Foreman / Manager, 1/90 -1/93
Responsibilities: Shop Foreman, Office Manager, Lead Tech, Point of Sale, Labor Management, Tune-Up Tech, Diagnostic Specialist, ECM & Fuel systems diagnosis and repair, all types general auto repair, POS, office management

Organization Name: Gwatney Chevrolet (Memphis)
Title, Applicable Date(s): Performance Tech, 9/88 -10/89
Responsibilities: Tune Up Tech, Diagnostic Specialist, ECM & Fuel systems, all types of performance and diagnostic repair.

Organization Name: Firestone (Northgate - Memphis)
Title, Applicable Date(s): Tune Up Tech, 2/88 -9/88
Responsibilities: Diagnostics, performance, tune up, brakes, suspension, all types of general automotive repair.

Organization Name: XPert Tune (Memphis)
Title, Applicable Date(s): Tune Up Tech, 6/86 -2/88
Responsibilities: Store Manager, Fuel/ECM Tech, all types of automotive performance and diagnostic repair, POS, scheduling eight techs, estimate building, customer sales, tech training, vendor accounts, inventory control.

Organization Name: Tennessee Moving and Storage (Memphis)
Title, Applicable Date(s): Crew Chief, 6/83 -11/85
Responsibilities and Duties: Direct Crew, Drive 28 ft cabover delivery truck, furniture moving and setup, POS.

Organization Name: Pepsi Cola (Memphis)
Title, Applicable Date(s): Assistant Route Merchandiser, 4/80 -5/83
Responsibilities and Duties: Deliver product to vending machines and storefront locations and maintain product displays.

Josiah Cooke, Assistant Store Manager, The Home Depot, 1 year, (901) 818-0266.
Rico Watson, Assistant Store Manager, The Home Depot, 1 year, (901) 818-0266.
Douglass Phipps, U.S. Navy - Retired Officer, Consultant,  8 years, (901) 385-1386.
Richard Mallory, Butcher, 25 years, (901) 837-8683.
Dr. Jane Howles Hooker
Ph.D. 30 years University of Memphis, Associate Professor, Emeritus of Health and Sport Sciences
Office Phone: (901) 678-3308 - Fax: (901) 678-3881
Email: - snailmail: 406 Administration Building
Health and Sport Sciences Dept. Retired, 9 years Adjunct. Numerous professional honors, leadership positions in athletics and physical education. Expert in East Shelby County history, Genealogy, Physical education programs, Women's sports history at the U of M. Authored "Neighbors Along the Wolf" about east Shelby Co. Elementary Physical Education specialist.
Dr. Richard L. Irwin
University of Memphis, Professor & Director Bureau of Sport & Leisure Commerce
Office Phone: 901-678-3476 - Fax: (901) 678-5014
Email: - snailmail: Office Building: 204A Fieldhouse
Expert in Sport marketing & sales, Sport sponsorship

Via e-mail: - or cell phone: (901) 690-4605.
Thank you for any possible consideration,
Joe Hutchison