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.Official Rules:
scoring is loosley based upon the TSNP (smallworld) scoring system
but greatly improved upon to enhance balance among positions
Yahoo League ID#:
Can't Cut List, Bench Players,
Maximum # of trades and/or moves,
Trade votes and/or rejections,
Trade Deadline
2 days
Rewards for Active Managers:
What is an "Active Manager"? An active manager is one who visits and/or maintains his team regularly. One can make trades, edit one's lineup, or post messages in the league message post on the league's main (Overview) page. This is not to say a manager must makes trades. No one will be penalized for not making trades or editing one's lineup. Nor will one be penalized for not taking advantage of any scoring insentives. But if a manager makes few or no trades, few or no lineup changes, never or seldom takes advantage of our bye recovery system, and seldom or never posts messages, then it is safe to assume that manager is relatively inactive. And if that manager manages to make the playoffs based on regular season performance, s/he may not be invited to the playoffs but be bypassed by the Commissioner and another manager invited instead (see Playoff Rules below). How then can a manager that is so happy with his or her team and its performance that no trades or lineup changes are made ensure that he or she is invited to the playoffs? Simple, just make regular posts to the message board. A simple "boo" or "I'm still here" will do if one is not the talkative type.
Active managers may be rewarded in several ways:
Active managers may be bumped up in the seeding for playoff consideration (see Playoff Rules below).
There may be other incentives for active managers during the regular season as well, so check your page regularly.
The Playoffs:
Three teams make the playoffs, seeded 1-3 based on the regular season. The regular season champion is automatically awarded the #1 seed, seeds #2 and #3 are set by the Commisioner and invited to participate in the playoffs. An alternate is also selected and invited to attend the initial draft as an observer. If, for any reason, a manager fails to report for the original draft and has not submitted an autodraft to the Commissioner, the alternate may be substituted for that manager. In 2004/2005 the Rabid Mutants entered the playoffs in such a manner and won it all!
In the original private draft, the three managers select (in seeding order) a full roster one pick at a time. Points are awarded based on playoff game results. Subsequent supplemental drafts are then held for each week of the playoffs where managers may use up to 7 supplemental picks total for the remainder of the playoffs. As teams lose and players are lost one's roster begins to shrink. Once all a manager's picks are used s/he may no longer add players to the roster, but remains eligable for the championship since the playoffs are a collective scoring effort. Keep reading below for more playoff help, including specific rules, and help with format and strategy. To view a sample of how the playoffs work, see the 2004-2005 playoff page (click here).
Playoff Rules:
1) Only the regular season champion is ensured a spot in the playoffs and is seeded #1. Seeds #2 and #3 are by invitation only and awarded to the next highest scoring two teams featuring active managers. In other words if seed #3 scored only slightly better than seed #4, and seed #4 was deemed by the Commissioner as having a 5-star active manager and seed #3 a 1-or2-star active manager, the Commisioner may opt to invite seed #4 as the third and final playoff team. This is only done in extreme cases to ensure an active, competitive, and fun playoff. So fight to the end dudes! You never know when, why, or if  a team above you may become inactive for some reason.
2) Kickers and Defenses are ineligible to score during the Super Bowl Round, and are therefore removed from all rosters in the final round. No additional picks are rewarded for any such 'lost' position.
3) You can not "add" (use a pick) a player or players after a draft round has concluded
4) Any player "drop"(s) must be done any time prior to the first pick of that round
5) You may submit an "auto draft" to the Commissioner for any round if you wish
6) Drafting occurs by regular season seedings in concurrent, non-rotating selections
7) The Commissioner calculates all scoring manually but you should check your own scoring as any corrections must be submitted to the Commisioner within 48 hours of completion of the last game of that week
8) As in the regular season, there is no bench
9) You may not "overdraft" any position to "save" players
Playoff Strategy:
The strategy is complicated.  If you fill your roster for the first round only with players actually playing in Wild Card games that weekend you may score well, but the players on the 4 NFL teams that had bye weeks are not on your roster.  You will have to add them in the supplemental draft rounds for which you only have a combined seven (7) picks over the final 3 rounds.  If you originally draft those players that have a bye week the first round you will gain zero (0) points that week for those players.  It's more complicated than it sounds.  Is it better to have a prolific fantasy scorer who may only play in one playoff game and hope for the big score, or is it better to have a player who won't have that 500 point day, but may play in 2, 3, or more games (filling a roster spot for all those weeks without using up your supplemental picks?  Draft players that lose every week and you'll quickly use up your your seven supplemental round picks.  Draft players that win in their games and you get to keep them on your roster for additional weeks without using up picks.  The more players on your roster, the more points you will probably score.  Of course, having a player for three weeks and netting only 400 total points is not as good as one playing only one game and scoring 500 points.  Do you play for the big points in the early rounds, then try to hang on, or do you leave holes in your roster to make sure you have a pick or two or three for the super bowl?  And Remember, bench spots ARE NOT allowed in the playoffs to avoid teams from "killing" available players. In other words you may not pick up a good player just to bench him to keep him from another team. You may pick any player and/or drop one you already have if you wish but any "add" will be counted as one of your 7 picks.  What to do, what to do.  Decide on a strategy, and Good Luck!