The Scoop on Free Downloading
...............Should I or Shouldn't I . . .
...Some have asked me where to download movies from. For downloading ANYTHING, movies, music, music videos, software (usually with unlocking serials, keys, or cracks) or virtually anything else the ONLY way to go is with torrents. Torrents are files with "torrent" as the extension, as in "borat.torrent" without the quotes of course. The days of napster, kazaa, limewire, that monkey site, and all the other crap are long gone. There are so many fake (misnamed) files through these methods, not to mention the horrific number of viruses, adware, and spyware pitfalls, those methods are obsolete. Now the recording and music industries are  intentionally flooding torrent sites with bogus files in order to disrupt and deter sharing, and “share” files laced with tracking and ID code, knowing they are in violation of the few laws regulating Internet traffic and privacy. With growth rates slowing and 70% of Internet traffic being downloading it is time to decide what is more valuable, Internet growth OR the gluttony of the recording and music industries. And why are they not susceptible to the same threat of litigation they impose on others? Of course they are but they have deep pockets and as such feel they are above the laws they don't like. Someone should bring suit, win a settlement, and place the money in a fund to help offset the legal costs of citizens defending themselves from the atrocities they inflict on individuals through pointless and cruel prosecutions.
...Torrents, while not perfect, are relatively free from these dangers, and much, much more reliable due to most verifying the files they link to. Software companies also offer FREE software (get it) to help make Internet users more anonymous and less traceable. And ipod? what a joke, pay if you want to and while you're at it, pay to listen to the radio, pay for the water you drink, pay for the air you breath, hell pay me for this site. And while you're at it pay for your mail. Oh wait, some of you actually do, don't you. LOL
...Some things should not cost. I know that's a traitorous statement in a capitalist economy, but it's still true.
Water covers 70% of the earth. Air consumes the skies, music is broadcast free across radio waves all around the world. Why would you pay for these things? It's like buying dirt. Oops, bet some of you have done that too. Unbelievable.
...We live in the greatest country on earth, despite it's many, many, many flaws. Generally speaking - in a comparative sense - we have relative freedoms. Last year the oil companies reported record profits largely because they price gouged us during the summer and holidays while blaming ridiculously high prices on hurricanes, OPEC, wars that didn't exist (like the so-called war on terror), and other things that of course had absolutely nothing to do with anything. It's all an illusion, deception by the powers that be to keep the ignorant masses in tow. Watch Robin Williams in Man Of The Year for further details. Like the oil companies, the music and movie industries also made billions and billions of dollars and record profits last year in much the same way. Why should a family man making 3,4,5 hundred dollars a week have to pay $30 for entry, $20 for cokes and popcorn, and $3 a gallon for gas to get there, to watch a movie that will eventually come to his TV for free? If they want to pay egotistical actors 20-100 million dollars to be in a movie that's their business but why do I have to pay for their stupidity? The answer is I don't. And won't.
...To download torrents you need software. There are a few good ones out there. I prefer bitcomet available at Install the free program, visit a torrent site, search or browse for what you want, download and enjoy. Simple and free. All the things "the man" is against because he doesn't get to make a penny. Know what? F him.
...Please note and be sure to check out the uploader aXXo. He is amazing! 99% of his movies fit on a single 700 MB CDR, include the opening segments and full closing credits, and are virtually perfect, widescreen, high resolution files. He is rapidly earning a glorious reputation as THE source for movie downloads. No off-center cock-eyed ripoff CAM or other BS copies. Google him or visit for a listing of his files.