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Coaching Football Successfully
by Bob Reade
America's winningest active college coach shows how to build and maintain a successful football program, emphasizing the philosophy of coaching, the importance of communication, motivation, and evaluation, in addition to skills, strategies, tactics, and drills. Illustrations. Copyright and disclaimer © 1996-1998,, Inc.
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Paperback, 180 pages
Published by Human Kinetics Pub
Publication date: October 1993
Dimensions (in inches): 10.96 x 8.47 x .49
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George Allen's Guide to Special Teams
One of the winningest coaches of all time, George Allen is one of the founding father's of special teams play.
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Paperback, 227 pages
Published by Leisure Press
 Publication date: June 1, 1994
Dimensions (in inches): 10.98 x  8.48 x .60
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Spalding Football Drill Book
by Doug Mallory
review by: , 03/01/97, rating=9:
One of the largest and best sources of football drills.
The work contains drills for all positions and in an invaluable resource for coaches. It was
recommended to me by several coaches. Doug Mallory was defensive backs coach at the University
of Indiana with his father, former Head Coach Bill Mallory. The book is part of the Spalding Sports
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Paperback, 202 pages
Published by Masters Pr
Publication date: December 1993
Dimensions (in inches): 9.99 x 7.01 x .49
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Offensive Playbook
by Dwight Dee Hawkes
I highly recommend this book for both offensive and defensive coaches. Dee Hawkes has persuaded many coaches of note to talk about the things they have always kept a closely guarded secret: the ins-and-outs of their favorite offensive plays. Detailed descriptions and diagrams accompany each play.  Fans of the game will find this book interesting and educational as they seek to understand more about offensive play and techniques. At least an intermediary knowledge of football is suggested for non-coaches.
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Paperback Published by Human Kinetics Pub
Publication date: September 1, 1994
Dimensions (in inches): 10.97 x 8.50 x .40
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