Joe Hutchison is one of many Americans recently abandoned by their political party. A citizen refugee. A lifelong Democrat that has recoiled in horror from the gestapo policies and direction that party has taken. But a man that equally fears the complacency and loss of touch with the working class poor that has besieged the Republican party. There are many of us now and our ranks are growing. The Libertarian and Tea parties attest to this. But these are still fringe movements, and to invest too heavily, and so early in these risks exclusion from the political process at a time when our country needs us the most. An educated, devout patriot, a master of history and the obvious, Hutchison does not wish to recuse himself from the political process. But the current two-party system is broken beyond repair. There has to be a better way. WE, the real Americans, will seek it here in the last open and free venue - the Internet.