Coach Joe Hutchison

My name is Joe Hutchison. I am 49 years old, married, and father to one daughter. I have been married for more than twenty-four years. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Memphis May 1998 with a self-authored baccalaureate degree in Coaching and Athletic Leadership. I am currently enrolled at the university seeking a Masters Degree in Sport and Leisure Commerce through the Department of Human Movement Sciences & Education (HMSE).
In short I am:
* A Father of 21 years --- My Daughter Holli
* A Husband of 24 years --- My Wife Treena
* A Football Coach --- Visit Das Book, my Award Winning football site featuring one of the Internets first, and still finest online playbook, - with my
* A Football Coach philosophies, a football widows (rookie) page, and other info featured at
* A College Student --- enrolled as Graduate student at The University of Memphis.
* A Computer Tech and former owner of wonderlan micro custom home computers.
The founder and former owner and CEO of Fast Action Deluxe Home Services.
* A promoter of totaly free PC software (freeware).
* The Creator and Commissioner of the GridIron Gurus Fantasy Football League - the toughest fantasy football league on the net!
* A writer of prose (essayist) and published political commentatary also featured at:
.......... Memphis Libertarian Examiner | | Associated | and Google Buzz
* A Music and Movies fiend.